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An MD & PhD Say This One Social Habit Can Transform Your Health

According to these experts, this can help us all reach the fullest version of health.

Olivia Giacomo
September 21 2021

Sundays Can Be Notoriously Stressful: How To Have A Chill Day

How often do you wake up Sunday morning and all you are thinking about is the workweek ahead of you? How to stop that bad habit.

Tia Graham
September 12 2021

The Essential Journaling Step That Most People Miss, From A Therapist

Reading through your journal can be just as powerful as writing in it.

Emma Loewe
September 3 2021

Do You Have Strong Self-Awareness? Here's How To Know & Build It

The more self-awareness you have, the better decisions you will make.

Linda Bark, Ph.D., R.N.
September 2 2021

A Psychiatrist's Tip To Help You Feel "Less Like A Tumbleweed" In Everyday Life

Ever feel like a tumbleweed, mindlessly blowing through an open plain with no sense of direction?

Jamie Schneider
August 31 2021

What Does It Mean To Have A Strong Sense Of Self? 6 Signs To Look For

Your sense of self functions as your bouncer, reminding you of your higher purpose.

Julie Nguyen
August 28 2021

Know Someone Who Refuses To Grow Up? 6 Signs They Might Have Peter Pan Syndrome

Playfulness is great. Avoiding responsibilities at all costs? Not so much.

Alex Shea
August 26 2021

Dreams 101: What They Are, Why We Have Them & How To Interpret Them

Even when we can't remember them, we have dreams every night.

Sarah Regan
August 19 2021
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Adventure Time: 5 Unexpected Places To Take Your Book This Summer

Reading is versatile: Sure, you can read in bed before you sleep, but you can also read on a mountaintop!

Devon Barrow
August 11 2021

Are You *Actually* Nice To Yourself? This Quick Test Can Help You Find Out

Treating yourself with kindness has some significant benefits. This is the first step.

Jamie Schneider
August 10 2021