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The One Boundary People Struggle With The Most, From A Therapist

Do you struggle with work-life balance, self-care, and prioritizing your needs?

A Psychologist's 3-Step Process For Releasing Shame & Embracing Yourself Fully

It's not possible to erase parts of your life—but it can be possible to embrace them.

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How To Discover (And Expand) Your Personal Circle Of Influence

Have a meaningful impact on the world without risking burnout.

Carina Wolff
February 28

A Dream Expert Demystifies The World's Most Common Nightmare

An expert says this is the most common dream there is (yikes).

Sarah Regan
February 16

Human Design 101: A Chart To Interpret Your Purpose & Life Path

All you need is your birthday, your birth time, and the location of your birth.

Sarah Regan
February 3

9 Ways To Interpret Sex Dreams, Based On The Dirty Details

Not only is dreaming about sex normal, but it's pretty common.

Sarah Regan
February 1

2020 Is (Finally) Behind Us: Here's What You Told Us About Your Year

Keep scrolling to discover what we learned—but more importantly, what all of us can do to grow from it.

How To Calm Down Instantly By Simply "Scanning" Your Right Hand

Body scanning is an excellent way to help calm the body and, in turn, the mind.

Sarah Regan
January 28