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Want To Lucid Dream Tonight? 9 Tips & Techniques To Get You Started

Have you ever been in the middle of a dream and realized you were, in fact, dreaming?

Sarah Regan
17 hours ago

I'm A Psychotherapist & Here's Why Pride Isn't Always A Bad Thing

It's one of the "seven deadly sins"—but should it be?

Jody Kemmerer, LCSW
4 days ago

How Does Being An Only Child Really Affect People? We Asked Experts

There are a lot of stereotypes that come with being an only child.

Sarah Regan
4 days ago
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Your Guide To Summer Reading: What You Need & What To Read

Because when we're reading, the body relaxes, our imagination takes over, and we're blissfully in the moment.

Devon Barrow
July 16

I've Interviewed Hundreds Of Elders: This Is The Key To Purposeful Aging

Embracing death while prioritizing purpose is a path to a more meaningful life.

Richard Leider
July 13
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Read Well, Live Well: 5 Ways Reading Benefits Your Brain

Beyond merely entertaining us, our brain reaps a handful of benefits while we read, in ways we seldom acknowledge.

Devon Barrow
June 17