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Study Finds A Promising Form Of Therapy For Children With Autism

This intervention strategy has proved most effective in children with autism.

Abby Moore
4 days ago

Babies In New Study Cried 50% Less After Taking This Supplement

It is estimated that 40% of infants go through colic at some point, which basically means an otherwise healthy baby cries for more than three hours a...

Sarah Regan
December 5

Struggling With Confidence? New Study Says You May Want To Get Outside

A newly released study by the Wildlife Trusts shows another, less discussed benefit of the Great Outdoors.

Sarah Regan
December 1

Mindfulness Isn't Just for Adults: Teaching Your Kids To Reset Is Essential

Today’s teenagers are more stressed and anxious than young people of that age group have ever been before.

Teen Angst Or Clinical Depression? Parents Struggle To Spot The Signs

Teens are facing higher rates of depression than in years past, while parents are struggling to spot the signs.

Sarah Regan
November 19

Postpartum Can Feel Overwhelming & A New Brand Wants To Change That

"After the birth of my first child, I could not believe how completely blindsided I was."

Alexandra Engler
November 14

How A Good Night's Sleep Can Boost Kids' Academic Achievement

Plus, the magic number of hours kids need to sleep to do well at school.

Kelly Gonsalves
October 29

Outdoor Preschools Are Now Legal In Washington State

Washington state lawmakers made outdoor preschools fully legal, which means they can hold full-day programs.

The Most Important Part of Building Your Baby's Brain? You

Finding a loving bond with your baby is the primary way to encourage development.

Why You Shouldn't Lie To Your Kids, No Matter How Young They Are

It might seem easier now, but it can cause problems for them later in life.

Kelly Gonsalves
October 5