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The One Thing That Finally Ended My Perpetual Fear Of Death

"I realized that if I was going to die, I would be able to deal with it then. Now is the time to live."

Biet Simkin
July 16 2017

The 6 Best Essential Oils For People Who Love The Great Outdoors

From bug bites to sunburn, these oils can soothe it all.

Jenni Hulburt
July 8 2017

Found: The Best Drugstore Sunscreens, According To The EWG

Keep the list bookmarked for those frantic summer days. Your skin—and wallet—will thank you.

Emma Loewe
June 29 2017

Running A 5K? Here's What To Eat & Drink The Night Before

Plus, tips for warming up and pacing yourself.

Ben Greenfield
April 24 2017

What To Eat For Stronger, Faster Runs

Time to stock up on salmon and quinoa.

Leigh Weingus
February 6 2017

7 Reasons Running Improves Confidence

It's time to lace up those sneakers..

Leigh Weingus
February 2 2017

13 Amazing Ways To Spend Your Money This Black Friday

Today, we're all about hitting the snooze button, avoiding the lines, and giving our money some meaning.

Emma Loewe
November 25 2016

Let's Clear This One Up: Should You Do Yoga Before You Run?

The final answer on whether a pre-run downward-facing dog is a good idea.

Leigh Weingus
November 14 2016

An Instagram-Approved Way To Celebrate Amazing National Parks

How the Parks Project is using social media to encourage you to turn off your phones, disconnect, and get your hands dirty in one of our national...

Alden Wicker
August 27 2016

Insta Inspiration: 11 Gorgeously Green Feeds To Follow

These plant-centric 'grams are sure to give you a serious floral fix.

Emma Loewe
March 4 2016

10 Celebrities With Green Campaigns We Can Get Behind

Leonardo DiCaprio, Natalie Portman and Jack Johnson are just a few of the celebs doing their part to protect the world's natural spaces.

Emma Loewe
January 31 2016

I Was A SeaWorld Trainer For 7 Years. Here's My Story

One former SeaWorld trainer's experience working at the park.

Kacie Kripner
January 20 2016

Should You *Really* Get 10,000 Steps A Day? How To Up Your Daily Step Count

Though it may seem like a high amount of steps, it's pretty doable.

Jenny McCoy
October 19 2015

Poison Ivy: How To Prevent It + How To Treat It Naturally

If you like to hike, garden or play outside, it's hard to avoid poison ivy.

Jana Blankenship
July 10 2015

8 Scientifically Proven Reasons To Spend Way More Time Outside

Novelist Jane Austen said, "To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment."

Patricia Thompson, Ph.D.
March 27 2015