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A Doctor Explains How To Take Advantage Of The Healing Powers Of Nature

There are so many ways to get more green in your life.

Eva Selhub, M.D.
May 5 2017

9 Whimsical Rituals To Help You Tap Into Your Inner Earth Goddess

Today, we're taking a step back to bask in the world we're all fighting so hard to protect.

Emma Loewe
April 22 2017

The Simple Shift That Will Take Your Yoga Practice To The Next Level

Spring is the perfect time to carry your yoga practice out of your home studio and into nature.

April 18 2017

Low-Maintenance Houseplants That Can Thrive Anywhere (Even Your Tiny Apartment)

Let NYC plant shop, The Sill, introduce you to your newest leafy pal.

Erin Marino
March 24 2017

How To Make Any Bouquet More Meaningful With The Secret Language Of Flowers

This Valentine's Day, whether you're picking up florals for someone special or getting yourself a quick dose of sunshine, consider this your excuse to...

Emma Loewe
February 11 2017

The Hidden Health Benefits Of The Plants In Your Home

Are your decorative plants also the healing kind?

Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
February 5 2017

Plant-Inspired Home Decor That's Impossible To Kill

Dot a few around your home and see what pops up—no watering required.

Emma Loewe
January 19 2017

7 Movies To Add To Your Netflix Queue This Year

Get ready for some fascinating portrayals of our natural environment.

Emma Loewe
January 3 2016

Is Palm Oil Really That Bad? Yes! Here's What You Can Do About It

Here's what you need to know about this useful but dangerous resource

Emma Loewe
August 1 2015

10 Simple Ways To Live More Sustainably, Starting Today

New Year’s isn’t the only time to make resolutions. How about we all make one big one this Earth Day to live a more eco-friendly existence?

Emmanuelle Chriqui
April 22 2015

The Research Is In: Yes, Gardening Totally Counts As Exercise

Rosebuds aren't quite the new dumbbells, but gardening is definitely a workout.

Kristin Hickey
April 15 2015

Study Says That If You Want To Help The Environment, Eat Less Meat

It turns out that being a vegan might mean you're also helping to save the environment ... or, at least harm it a lot less than your meat-eating...

July 2 2014

What You Need to Know About the World's Water (Infographic)

We all know the global supply of water is limited, but this informative graphic puts some amazing numbers to the situation.

October 31 2012