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5 Tips For Staying Calm During Mercury Retrograde (We Need 'Em All)

Mercury retrograde is infamous for causing all kinds of mishaps.

Sarah Regan
3 days ago

The Mantra You Need For 2022, Based On Your Moon Sign In Vedic Astrology

Good news: It's shaping up to be an auspicious year for every sign.

Katy Jane, Ph.D.
5 days ago

How To Overcome Your Fears So You Can Start Living The Life You Want

A five-step exercise to help you shed light on what's holding you back.

Kimberly Snyder
6 days ago

A Few Words Of Advice On Love, Loss & A World Full Of Contradiction

A journey we can all relate to—navigating the ups and downs of life.

Devon Barrow
6 days ago

Where To Travel To Find Love This Year, According To Your Birth Chart

Astrocartography can explain why specific places affect us the way they do.

Sarah Regan
January 17

This Week Kicks Off A Spicy Astrological Cycle Years In The Making

It'll push us to find a balance between the physical and the metaphysical.

The AstroTwins
January 15

How Mercury Retrograde Impacts Sleep, In Case You're Curious

Mercury retrograde is coming up from January 15 to February 3.

Sarah Regan
January 13

I'm A Professional Intuitive & Here's How I'm Navigating Mercury Retrograde

You'll complete your goals faster if you're listening to where your energy (and your intuition) is taking you.

Natasha Levinger
January 11