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3 Neurologist-Approved Tips To Sharpen Your Mind During Downtime

If you're searching for activities to fill your downtime, why not make them stellar for brain health?

Jamie Schneider
January 3

A Neurologist On The Real Reason You Crave Comfort Food & How To Stop

There's a perfectly good reason comfort food brings you joy—albeit, for a fleeting moment.

Jason Wachob
December 23 2020

What I Learned About Setting Priorities & Finding Balance As An ICU Nurse

It's all about focusing on the most important elements of life.

Tana Amen, R.N.
December 16 2020

6 Uplifting Ways To Cope With Isolation During The Holidays

Because the holidays alone may be harder than ever this year.

Abby Moore
December 12 2020

Tripping Reimagined: The Promise & Peril Of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

In 2021, expect to see more discussion on how and when these drugs should be administered.

mbg editorial
December 10 2020

What This Psychologist Wants You To Know About High-Functioning Anxiety

While it's not so obvious to notice at first glance, it's just as important to manage.

Jamie Schneider
December 3 2020

The Difference Between Happiness & Joy, Explained By A Psychologist

When you partake in some much-needed reflecting, happiness and joy are not so synonymous.

Jamie Schneider
November 17 2020

How A Human Design Session Helped Me Uncover My Bipolar 2 Disorder

Getting a reading pushed me to pay closer attention to my moods—and ultimately sent me on a new path.

Talia Pollock
November 16 2020

I'm Dreading Winter: A Psychiatrist's 6 Tips For Coping With Dark Days

A lot of people feel suffocated by the dark days, but here are some ways to help.

Roxanna Namavar, D.O.
November 6 2020