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If You've Been Exposed To Wildfire Smoke, Here Are 5 Derm Tips To Calm Skin

Here's how to protect your skin from the increase in smoke exposure, as well as calm any irritation after the fact.

Jamie Schneider
October 3

How To Get Smooth, Hairless Skin: A 3-Step Sugar Wax Recipe To Try At Home

Behold, the famed sugar wax recipe for smooth, hairless skin—nary an ingrown in sight.

Jamie Schneider
October 2

Do You Really Know What Eyebrow Shape Suits Your Face Best? This'll Help

Step away from the tweezers, stow the brow pencil, and determine which brow category you fall into before going to town on those face framers.

Jamie Schneider
October 1

What To Do Daily & Monthly To Keep Your Wooden Cutting Boards As Clean As Can Be

As the workhorse of any chef's kitchen, cutting boards tend to take a beating.

Emma Loewe
September 28

Hold On; You May Not Have Blackheads On Your Nose: Here's What They Really Are

If the spots won't let up, you might be dealing with a whole other condition, here.

Jamie Schneider
September 28

Step Away From The Mirror — One Dermatologist's Tip To Stop Picking

With each clogged pore or raised pimple comes the intense desire to start squeezing and prodding.

Alexandra Engler
September 28