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You Should Avoid This Kind Of Self-Tanner, According To A Top Derm

It's summer 2022—sunbathing is out, self-tanner is in.

Hannah Frye
August 17

Why This Derm Swears By Postbiotics — Not Probiotics

In this episode of Clean Beauty School, we talk about a multilevel approach to skin care, the latest on skin microbiome research, and so much more.

Alexandra Engler
August 16

Bleaching Your Brows Can Be Dangerous — How To Mimic The Look, Sans Bleach

As the '90s showed us, brow trends are not always forgiving.

Hannah Frye
August 16

From 25 To 75: This Supplement Can Promote Skin Longevity At Any Age

Regardless of your topical routine, this will help you tend to your skin from within.

Hannah Frye
August 14

PSA: This May Be The Best Natural Oil For Healthy Hair Growth

Is this another gimmicky hack or something worth trying out?

Hannah Frye
August 13

If You Want *Really* Soft Lips, Make Sure Your Lip Balm Has This

The formula you choose can mean all the difference between plush, velvety lips and even more flakes.

Jamie Schneider
August 11