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Should You Be Salting Your Houseplants? Experts Unpack The Epsom Craze

Plants, like people, need magnesium to function.

Emma Loewe
2 days ago

For Those Who Want Dewy Skin, We Rounded Up Every Single Step

Dewy: a word that inspires images of a lit-from-within glow, supple skin, and a moisture-rich sheen.

Alexandra Engler
3 days ago

The Best (All-Natural) Way To Keep Your Plants 100% Pest-Free

Alas, indoor plants aren't totally immune to bugs.

Emma Loewe
4 days ago

Our Favorite Winter Candles Of 2021 (All Clean-Burning, All Addictive)

Here's how we're keeping the fire burning until spring.

Emma Loewe
4 days ago

Makeup Artists Swear By This For A Pillowy Finish: Here's How To Use It

It's one of the most coveted secrets for matte makeup greatness.

Jamie Schneider
January 18