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8 Core Beauty Truths We Believe In About Clean & Conscious Beauty

Here at mindbodygreen beauty, we've always believed beauty can be a powerful tool to fuel your connection to yourself and others.

Alexandra Engler
4 hours ago

The Surprising Way To Apply Blush Based On Your Face Shape

"Where you decide to place your blush can change the look of your face."

Jamie Schneider
2 days ago

How Well Do You Know Your Skin Care Labels? 8 Sneaky Ingredients To Watch

Soak in the info, and feel free to refer back anytime you need a refresher.

Jamie Schneider
3 days ago

The Surprising Concealer Hack Lucy Hale Swears By To Make Pimples Vanish

It's so simple that you just might overlook its A+ blurring power.

Jamie Schneider
3 days ago

How To Keep Your Stovetop Sparkly Clean—Using Only 3 Ingredients

Say goodbye to that weird pasta sauce stain that's been there forever.

Tonya Harris, M.S.
3 days ago

The Surprising Tool This Stylist Uses To Get Glossy Curls & Waves

Want to take your loose curls or waves to the next level?

Alexandra Engler
5 days ago

How Your Home's Air Could Be Aggravating Spring Allergies + What To Do

Letting fresh air into your house is great—but not for those with seasonal allergies.

Michael Rubino
April 12