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What Time Of Day Your Houseplants Should Be Watered & Why It Matters

It turns out, timing can make a difference.

Sarah Regan
September 22 2020

How To Propagate Your Aloe Plant For A Never-Ending Gel Supply

Aloe is easy to care for, has a ton of uses, and you can propagate it!

Sarah Regan
September 20 2020

5 Signs Of An Overwatered Plant + How To Save It Before It's Too Late

From ferns to ficuses, different plants require different amounts of water.

Sarah Regan
September 18 2020

Found: A 5-Step Process For Saving Clothes That Shrunk In The Wash

How to unshrink clothes, plus tips to prevent it from happening going forward.

Sarah Regan
September 17 2020

If Your Houseplant Has Sad & Droopy Leaves, This Could Be The Root Cause

Remember: Plants don't always look perfect (no matter what Instagram tells us).

Emma Loewe
September 17 2020

Organization vs. Minimalism: Why "Less" Isn't The Answer for Everybody

Organizing doesn't have to mean LESS, it's about efficiency and creating homes within your home for the many things your unique life requires.

Meg Phillips
September 17 2020

Your Shower Curtain Is Gross: Here's How To Keep It Clean & Mold-Free

Anywhere in your home that experiences excess moisture needs to be given special attention.

Sarah Regan
September 16 2020

Breathe Easy, Sleep Better: The Science of Cotton Sheets

The science of cotton sheets.

Meg Phillips
September 15 2020

Why You Shouldn't Dry Your Clothes On High Heat & How To Dry Best

The way we care for our clothes matters—for the clothing itself and for the planet.

Sarah Regan
September 11 2020

Are Your Household Staples *Really* BPA-Free? An MD Offers 3 Tips To Tell

You have the power to create a truly BPA-free household. Just mind these three tips.

Jason Wachob
September 9 2020

If Your Houseplants Are Looking Lopsided, This Is The Easy Solve

Time to get those auxin levels in check (which is way easier than it sounds).

Emma Loewe
September 1 2020

A Straightforward Guide To What Can & Can't Be Composted (And Why)

We asked a waste management expert in Vermont, where composting food scraps is mandatory.

Emma Loewe
September 1 2020

7 Smart Tips For Extending The Shelf Life Of Essential Oils, From An Expert

How long do they really last? And more importantly, how can we make them last longer?

Sarah Regan
August 31 2020

The 2 Main Types Of Houseplant Browning & What To Do About Each

Is the leaf browning in the middle or along its edges?

Emma Loewe
August 27 2020

Avoiding The Laundromat? It Might Be Time For A Portable Washing Machine

They're just as effective as normal machines, though they do require more effort on your end.

Rosalind Cummings-Yeates
August 24 2020