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How To Keep Your Stovetop Sparkly Clean—Using Only 3 Ingredients

Say goodbye to that weird pasta sauce stain that's been there forever.

Tonya Harris, M.S.
6 days ago

How Your Home's Air Could Be Aggravating Spring Allergies + What To Do

Letting fresh air into your house is great—but not for those with seasonal allergies.

Michael Rubino
April 12

6 Energy-Clearing Techniques You've Never Heard Of (But Should Definitely Try)

It's time to put down the Palo Santo and white sage and try something new.

Moving Homes Is Tough On Houseplants: 7 Pro Tips That'll Keep Them Safe

Hilton Carter shares how to get your plants from point A to point B safely.

Hilton Carter
April 7

The Spring Cleaning Mistake You're Most Likely To Make, According To Your Sign

Each sign of the zodiac will approach things differently, and that includes spring cleaning.

Sarah Regan
April 6

The Eco-Friendly Kitchen: 5 Sustainability Hacks You'll Love

For us, the major culprit of waste is single-use packaging, and, more specifically, sparkling water bottles.

Devon Barrow
April 6

5 Things Your Houseplants Want You To Do Now That It's Spring

Plants are finally starting to grow again after being dormant for the winter.

Sarah Regan
April 5

A Room-By-Room Guide To Refreshing Your Home For Spring

Make those dormant spaces in your home come alive with this spring guide.

Emma Loewe
April 5

A Low-Waste California Home That'll Convince You To Start A Bathroom Compost Bin

Lily Cameron of Wild Minimalist shows us some of her smart, sustainable systems.

Emma Loewe
April 1

How To Tell If Your Houseplant Is Dead — Or Just Dormant For The Winter

You're not the only one who gets a little lazy in the winter.

Emma Loewe
March 29