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Why You May Be More Dehydrated During Winter, From A Functional MD

Even if you aren't sweating buckets, that doesn't mean you aren't losing water.

Jamie Schneider
February 20

Fans Of hemp multi+ Share How They Use It For A Steadier Mood, Every Day

"For me, it makes it a little bit easier to just drop into my body and relax."

Emma Loewe
February 20

3 Neuroscientist-Backed Tips For Becoming A Genuinely Happier Person

The specific formula looks different for everyone, but you'll follow the same general flow.

Jason Wachob
February 19

How To Hack Your Weekend Sleep Schedule So You're Not Exhausted Come Mondays

When the weekend comes, we often revel in the chance to skip setting an alarm.

Sarah Regan
February 12

You Can Have "Normal" Blood Sugar With A Sneaky Insulin Issue: An MD Explains

If your blood sugar levels are "normal," you should be off the hook, no? Well, not necessarily.

Jason Wachob
February 12