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Why Our Co-Founders Swear By "Fun" Foods & Frozen Tortillas Right Now

"We've always had a lot of frozen veggies, so that hasn't changed, but we do have more things for fun—ice cream, waffles, tortillas, and pizza."

Olessa Pindak
May 20
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Why Complete Proteins Matter & The Easiest (Plant-Based!) Way To Get More Of Them

By now we know that getting adequate levels of protein into our diet helps keep the hangry at bay, gives our body what it needs to bounce back from...

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4 Reasons Pistachios Will Help You Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life

When it comes to staying fit and feeling confident in your own body, finding a routine that you can stick to—and enjoy—is key. After all, what you eat...

Researchers Find Eating Full-Fat Dairy May Lower Risk Of Diabetes

A new study takes a global perspective on dairy in our diet.

The Healthiest Types Of Cheese You Can Buy, According To A Dietitian

With the help of registered dietitians, we break down the healthiest cheeses you can buy.

The Tea A Reiki Master Drinks Every Day To Feel Centered & Grounded

Over the years Kelsey Patel and her husband have developed a grounding tea ritual that they do daily, no matter what.

Olessa Pindak
May 16

Having Skin Issues? These 5 Common Pantry Foods May Cause Breakouts

Even if you're sleeping enough and keeping your stress in check, your acne could be from what you're eating.

How To Repurpose Your Sourdough Discard & Stale Bread Scraps

How to use sourdough from the starter to the end of your bread's shelf life.

Abby Moore
May 13

7 Days of Mindful Snacking

7 ways of mindful snacking

Should I Drink Coffee Before My Workout, Or Is That A Horrible Idea?

How the caffeinated beverage affects your athletic performance.

Abby Moore
May 7