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Drinking Water Is Wellness 101 ... But Are Electrolytes Even More Important?

Drinking water has so many benefits, so what do we need to know about our hydration needs and even overhydration?

Ryan Brady
October 27 2021

If Your Fall Wellness Personality Was A Flavor, What Would It Be?

This fun quiz will tell you your fall wellness personality!

Devon Barrow
October 21 2021

The One Healthy, Warming Ingredient We're Putting In Nearly Everything

What's better in fall than adding warming spices to soups, roasted veggies, and even coffee?

Eliza Sullivan
October 13 2021
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Even Your Dog Thinks Seasonal Allergies Are The Worst. Here's How To Help

It doesn't matter how healthy you are or how often you meditate, allergies test anyone's patience... Our pups included!

Ryan Brady
October 6 2021

The 3 Supplements This Celebrity Nutritionist Never Leaves Home Without

These three key supplements create a strong foundation for rock-star health.*

JJ Virgin, CNS, BCHN
September 24 2021
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5 Reasons To Start Your Dog On A Raw Food Diet

When their diet is full of nutrients like protein, fruits, and vegetables, they have more energy throughout the day.

Devon Barrow
September 15 2021