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What Jennifer Garner's Nutritionist Packs In Her Freezer For The Week

Kelly LeVeque knows exactly how to stock a freezer for a week's worth of healthy—and even indulgent—meals.

Olessa Pindak
April 26 2020

A Cookbook Author Unpacks Her Freezer & Here's What She Throws Together

From frozen veggies to tortillas and meats, Rachel Mansfield can make a killer meal from what's in her freezer.

Olessa Pindak
April 18 2020

7 Of The Best Canned Foods To Enjoy Right Now (And Always)

Add these tasty and nutritious options to your pantry, stat.

Abby Moore
April 9 2020

If You're Deciding Between Collagen & Protein, Here's Our Guide

Many people are interested in using protein powder or collagen powder, but it's easy to get confused about the difference.

Korin Miller
April 6 2020

Life Is Busy Right Now — But This Hack Makes Everything I Eat Healthier

I started adding this one thing to my diet and stopped worrying about my eating habits.*

Brian Pizzitola
April 3 2020