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The Tea A Reiki Master Drinks Every Day To Feel Centered & Grounded

Over the years Kelsey Patel and her husband have developed a grounding tea ritual that they do daily, no matter what.

Olessa Pindak
May 16 2020

Having Skin Issues? These 5 Common Pantry Foods May Cause Breakouts

Even if you're sleeping enough and keeping your stress in check, your acne could be from what you're eating.

Keira Barr, M.D.
May 14 2020

How To Repurpose Your Sourdough Discard & Stale Bread Scraps

How to use sourdough from the starter to the end of your bread's shelf life.

Abby Moore
May 13 2020

7 Days of Mindful Snacking

7 ways of mindful snacking

Olessa Pindak
May 8 2020

Should I Drink Coffee Before My Workout, Or Is That A Horrible Idea?

How the caffeinated beverage affects your athletic performance.

Abby Moore
May 7 2020

Got A Sweet Potato? Here Are 5 Genius Ways To Turn It Into Dinner

Craving sweet? Don't overlook the humble sweet potato—it's packed with nutrients and can easily become a full meal.

This Juice May Be An Internet Fad, But Don't Drink It, Say MDs

Though using aloe vera topically is considered safe, taking it internally is a different story.

Kirsten Nunez, M.S.
May 2 2020

Exactly What An Immunologist Recommends Eating To Stay Healthy

While we may not be able to control the rest of the world right now, we can dictate how we treat ourselves and our bodies.

Amy Shah, M.D.
April 30 2020

This Is The Order In Which You Should Eat The Produce In Your Fridge

Are you taking respiration rate into account? Maybe you should.

Olessa Pindak
April 28 2020