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5 Tips For Planning A Book Club Night That's More Fun Than Going Out

Your friends are coming to have fun, not a full-on literary discourse! And with these five tips, they'll get exactly that!

Devon Barrow
January 27

How To Support A Friend Going Through A Divorce In 5 Simple Steps

Divorce is one of the most difficult things a person can go through.

Sarah Regan
December 11 2021

Is It Really Possible To Be Friends With An Ex? We Asked Experts

Yes, it's possible to be friends with your ex—as long as you can maintain boundaries.

Kelly Gonsalves
November 23 2021

6 Signs You (Or Someone You Know) Have A Superiority Complex + What To Do

Funnily enough, a superiority complex is just a masked inferiority complex.

Stephanie Barnes
October 16 2021

Yes, Soul Mates Can Be Platonic — Here Are 9 Signs You've Found Yours

There are many different soul connections you can have with all sorts of people.

Sarah Regan
August 21 2021

Looking For A Research-Backed Way To Squash Stress? Call A Friend

You've heard of fight-or-flight, but what about tend-and-befriend?

Sarah Regan
July 5 2021

Worried You Might Have A Fake Friend? 15 Signs To Watch Out For

Something in your gut may be telling you that you've got a fake friend in your midst.

Sarah Regan
June 30 2021

10 Expert-Backed Tips To Help You Have Better Conversations

No one likes an awkward pause in the middle of a conversation.

Sarah Regan
February 25 2021