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The Key To This Vegan Pastry Is A Familiar Mediterranean Pantry Essential

This vegan pastry recipe from Claire Saffitz pulls one of our favorite oils into the baking world: olive oil. It results in a lovely flaky pie crust.

Eliza Sullivan
a day ago
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How To Shop For Sustainable Seafood, Plus The Tuna Melt Recipe We Can't Get Enough Of

Yes, You Can Protect Sea Life By Eating Ocean-Friendly Seafood. Here's How

Chloe Schneider
4 days ago

5 Brain-Supporting Foods A Neuroscientist Recommends For Picky Eaters

The key to helping kids grow a healthy brain at a young age? Introducing them to brain-healthy foods early on.

Jamie Schneider
5 days ago
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Gluten-Free English Muffins We're Obsessed With & 4 Reasons They Deserve The Top Spot in Your Pantry

We put English muffins firmly into the "foods that make you feel good" category (biting into one feels like a hug).

Meg Phillips
October 16