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Realistic Tips For *Actually* Making Your Plant-Based Diet Last

If you never know what to order at restaurants, or snacking on seeds and sliced fruit leaves you hangry, we got you.

Krista Soriano
February 12

Our Favorite Protein-Packed Solutions For Women Who Can't Stop, Won't Stop

The ultimate snack foods for fuel when you're getting after it and doing the most, according to an RDN.

Vitamin B Deficient? Starbucks Coffee Is Here To Help With A Healthy Add-In

The brand is launching two new coffees boosted with B vitamins and turmeric.

Eliza Sullivan
January 18
PAID CONTENT FOR Mark Sisson, author of Keto for Life

How Paleo Expert Mark Sisson Uses Ketogenic Eating For Longevity

Read an excerpt from Mark Sisson's new book, Keto for Life.

Krista Soriano
January 15

Kroger Adds Plant-Based Meats To Its Already Impressive Vegan Line

They'll join vegan chocolate chip cookie dough, oat milk, and deli products.

Eliza Sullivan
January 9

Does The GOLO Diet Work? Here's What A Functional Medicine Doctor Thinks

The GOLO diet combines a meal plan with their supplement, Release.

Sarah Regan
January 8

Impossible Foods Is Coming For Breakfast Meats In 2020

The brand announced Impossible Sausage and Pork last night at CES Las Vegas.

Eliza Sullivan
January 8

Over Cauliflower? Stock Your Freezer With The New Trader Joe's Gnocchi

Trader Joe's is bringing another pasta wonder to freezer cases this week.

Eliza Sullivan
January 7

This Is How The Mediterranean Diet Can Benefit Your Kidney Health

With the Mediterranean diet being named the top diet for overall health in this year's ranking from U.S. News & World Report, it seems like there's...

Christina Coughlin
January 7

This Diet Is Surprisingly Ranked No. 2 For Weight Loss In New Report

What started as a philosophy focused on protecting animals is now a trend that could help promote weight loss and blood sugar balance.

Christina Coughlin
January 4

The Golden Globes Go Vegan & We're Not The Only Ones Excited (Hey, Leo)

And the award for sustainability goes to...the Golden Globes themselves!

Christina Coughlin
January 3