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This Beauty Swap Is All About Protecting Earth's Biodiversity

This simple product is redefining double-duty beauty, and we're here for it.

Krista Soriano
March 8 2019

This Year, Make These Ethical Chocolate Bars Your Valentine

11 bars you can feel extra good about buying and promptly devouring.

Jane Mosbacher Morris
February 13 2019

This Texas Brand Is Totally Changing the Way We Think About Food

This Brand Totally Changed The Way We Think About Food

December 27 2018

5 Things You Need To Know Today (October 30, 2018)

Air quality in India could reach severe lows this season, and 250 of the world's largest brands are committed to ending plastic pollution.

Caroline Muggia
October 30 2018

4 Things You Need To Know Today (October 26, 2018)

An island in the Hawaiian archipelago disappeared and stress could be hurting your memory.

Caroline Muggia
October 26 2018

6 Things You Need To Know Today (October 23, 2018)

Wellness news you need to know today, including climate change and the Everglades, immunotherapy for breast cancer, and the health effects of...

Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
October 23 2018

6 Things You Need To Know Today (August 17, 2018)

Including the Glacier National Park fires, U.S. life expectancy dips, and the latest research on weight loss.

Emma Loewe
August 17 2018

6 Things You Should Know Today (July 20, 2018)

The Great Barrier Reef's Slow Recovery, Adidas Bans Plastic & Sugar-Memory Link

Krysten Peck
July 20 2018