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The Best Natural Healthy Aging Skin Care Tips For People In Their 60s

A huge benefit of being in your 60s is celebrating how you're aging gracefully, not sweating the small stuff, including wrinkles you've earned along...

Erin Flaherty
May 25

The 7 Best Coconut Oils For Allover Hydration (Your Smooth Skin Awaits!)

For skin care, the natural oil is formulated into many thick salves and creams—but sometimes you just want to go directly to the source and use...

Does Your "Alcohol-Free" Face Cream Have This Alcohol In It?

As much as we love skin care products, deciphering ingredient labels can get super confusing. Case in point: cetearyl alcohol.

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You might panic-grab for your trusty spot treatment, but wait—is it truly a lip pimple, or could it be a cold sore?

The EWG's 2020 Guide To Sunscreens Is Here: 6 Things You Should Know

Times may be unprecedented in 2020, but you can always practice safe sun.