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Before Your Next Ear Piercing: The Pain Level + Healing Time For Each Type

May we interest you in a handy chart to help you decide which one to get?

Jamie Schneider
a day ago

Read Up: The Best Glow-Inducing Skin Care Tips For Your 40s & Beyond

This is the prime decade to take a prevent-and-protect approach to your skin.

Erin Flaherty
3 days ago

The Supplement Experts Swear By For Glowing & Vibrant Skin*

We've always believed that skin care starts internally. Now we have the supplement for that.*

Alexandra Engler
4 days ago

I'm A Holistic Plastic Surgeon & These Are My 3 Must-Have Skin Care Tips

When the topic of plastic surgery comes up, I'm guessing you don't immediately think of alternative medicine or holistic healing.

Alexandra Engler
5 days ago

The Secret To The Brighter, More Even Complexion You've Been Waiting For

It's the answer to the brighter, more even skin tone you've been dreaming up for years.

Andrea Jordan
6 days ago

The Secret To Frizz-Free Curls Is One Of These 11 Hot Tools

Here's what all curly-haired folks know to be true: To get your springs just right, you need the right tools.

How To Tell If You Have Hooded Eyes & 9 Makeup Tips To Make Them Pop

This is how makeup artists enhance a hooded eye shape.

Jamie Schneider
July 23

Should You Avoid This Skin Care Ingredient? Cosmetic Chemists & Derms Weigh In

Should you steer clear of this ingredient altogether or hoard every product that has it listed on the label?

Andrea Jordan
July 22

If You've Been Exposed To Wildfire Smoke, Here Are 6 Derm Tips To Calm Skin

Here's how to protect your skin from the increase in smoke exposure, as well as calm any irritation after the fact.

Jamie Schneider
July 21

This Multi-Hyphenate Hair Care Ingredient Can Give You Long, Luscious Locks

It's a hair moisturizer of the highest order, used for centuries.

Jamie Schneider
July 20