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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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October 28, 2021

When’s the last time you tackled the clutter in your life, Virgo? Today’s balancing quarter moon in Leo and your transitional twelfth house inspires some “rightsizing.” Not only will this clear out your physical environment but your mental realm as well—and feeling more spacious can lead to enhanced creative thinking. But don’t toss things madly and mindlessly. One Virgo’s junk can be another sign’s treasure, so think of friends, family and donation centers that might appreciate your gently used things.

What is in store for this week?

A few dreamy transits will leave us with our heads in the clouds this week—but we'll all want to come back to reality for a romantic weekend. Here's your weekly horoscope, from the AstroTwins.

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What is in store for this month?

Back to the future and remixed again? October 2021 will bring us the end of several months-long outer-planet retrogrades (Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto) and the inconvenience of messenger Mercury's backspin until October 18. Translation: Your Q4 plans are not quiiiiite ready for a full liftoff until the back half of the month.

Postpone the peace talks—or prepare to go back to the drawing board a few times with your counteroffers. Yes, it's Libra season, normally a time when everyone's agreeable and cooperative. But this year, Mercury is retrograde in Libra, the sign that rules relationships and harmony. All things related to technology, communication, and forward momentum here can get scrambled and stalled. Even the kindest apology note could be misread as fighting words. 

On top of that, this year's Mercury retrograde brings a special plot twist because Mars is also in Libra until October 30, its position of "detriment." When the planet of war is in the sign of peace, well, it's no surprise this weakened placement gives mighty Mars—and the rest of us—a Samson complex. People pick the wrong battles and create deeper divisions, or they just don't have the energy to fight. 

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What does it mean to be a Virgo?

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac (August 22 to September 22) and is represented by the Virgin. A mutable earth sign ruled by Mercury, Virgo (or Kanya, in Vedic astrology) is often associated with precision, critical thinking, service, and harvesting.

Here, we'll dive into the personality traits of Virgo and explore how this sign approaches life, love, career, and more.

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