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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

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By The AstroTwins

October 31, 2020

Start the weekend off with some deep breathing and yoga stretches, then set an intention to begin EVERY day from this place of centered calm. With the full moon in Taurus connecting to frenetic Uranus, anxiety could be dialed up to eleven. Pay attention to your habits and routines—or lack thereof—because this is your cosmic cue to opt into ones that support serenity and well-being on every level. New work opportunities flood in over the coming two weeks. Consider time, money and energy expenditure before saying yes to anything. An offer with a “catch” may already come in on Sunday. There’s no reason on earth you should have to settle, Sagittarius, so don’t sell yourself short. Accepting second best just stalls the process of getting exactly what you desire. Because there may be room for negotiation here too, don’t rule out that option. Yet if you’re fundamentally mismatched, you’d be wasting time trying to mold this situation to your desires. Have faith and hold out for the correct fit.

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