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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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April 10, 2021

On Saturday, as the emo moon mashes up with wounded healer Chiron in your eleventh house of group dynamics, try a little social experiment. Before you respond with anger or frustration, take a minute to tune in to what people might be feeling. Even if they’re REALLY pressing your buttons, the best way to handle them is with patience and compassion instead of a show of force. Talk privately and ask what’s on their mind and how you might help. Your empathy is your secret weapon! Thank your lucky skies it’s the weekend, Gem, because you’re already feeling the urge to rally friends for some interactivity. That could be because you’re tapping into the uber-social vibes of 2021’s only new moon in Aries on Sunday, which hotwires your eleventh house of friendships and teamwork. If you feel comfortable organizing a small gathering, commune with friends for a glass of wine and some crafting in the park. And since this chart sector rules technology, the digital realm might be where you might find your kindred spirits—platonic or otherwise!

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