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Aries Daily Horoscope

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January 23, 2021

If your crew’s been too casual for your liking, re-establish boundaries on Saturday as the Sun beams alongside integrity hound Saturn. Maybe you’ve stopped wearing masks or keeping ample distance when IRL, or conversations have veered in a negative direction. It feels awkward to have to tell someone, for instance, that you’re not comfortable with their gossiping about a mutual friend or making mean-girl jokes about a colleague. But if you don’t, chances are they’ll never stop on their own. You might plead the fifth on Sunday, however, when the Gemini moon in your chatty third house forms a tough square to bubble-bursting Neptune. Under this judgment-clouding transit, you could second-guess someone's intention. Catch your suspicious mind before it spirals out! If you have an intuitive hunch, best to quietly observe.

What is in store for this week?

With the Sun beaming in collaborative Aquarius since last week, the spirit of progress and unity are in the air—but, The AstroTwins say, we can't make any assumptions. Here's your horoscope for the week ahead.

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What is in store for this month?

Whew! The new year charges in with lots of action, as if making up for lost time. This January, we'll all be pulled in two crucial but contrasting directions, and we'll have to pay attention to the demands of both.

Amid that, January brings us many noteworthy moments, especially at the end.

We've got our sights set on January 28, the year's first full moon (in showy Leo!) and the annual Sun-Jupiter conjunction, now known as the Day of Miracles.

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