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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

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By The AstroTwins

October 31, 2020

Domestic matters are front and center under Saturday’s Taurus full moon in your fourth house of hearth and home. If Chez Aquarius isn’t the peaceful oasis you crave, this lunar lift can inspire the necessary changes. But it’s up to you to decide where to start—and how radical a shift you need. Could you just shuffle your roommate situation—or paint the place (after a serious decluttering job)? Or is it time to make that big move across town—or the country? Give yourself six months to do anything irreversible. On Sunday, you may have to make a sacrifice for someone you love, but you’re actually fine with it. NOT being there for them would feel worse than going out of your way. That said, your generosity should still know some bounds. The point is to support this person, not to play savior. Conversely, you may be the one who needs to reach out for a helping hand. Put pride to the side and just ask!

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