Your Body & Mind Will Love These Liquid Vitamin Shots

Your Body & Mind Will Love These Liquid Vitamin Shots Hero Image
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Drinking your way to luminous skin has been made a whole lot easier with a host of natural remedies that amp your beauty up from within. When mixed, blended, and beaten with the right ingredients and in a small-size shot, your daily dose of superfoods can be as delicious as they are nutritious.

These four glow-giving powerhouses are a great way to aid a happy, healthy lifestyle as well as tackle any individual or specific concern you may have. Want to help clear your complexion, boost your body, or give your face a lift from the inside out? Go forth with a sprinkle and a shake!

Skin-smoothing spirulina.

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Spirulina is a blue-green algae and a source of beta-carotene that can sometimes be hard to palate as it’s found in freshwater lakes so can have a "fishy" taste. Team it with lemon, ginger, and apple juice to make it easier to swallow—not to mention apples also are high in vitamin C, which is great for supporting collagen production.

When to have it: This shot is great to have alongside some nuts at breakfast, lunch or with an afternoon snack (if you need one), so that the beta-carotene can be absorbed properly in the digestive tract. Add a quarter to half a teaspoon to a small glass of apple juice, lemon, and ginger blend.

Pre-workout matcha shot.

Because matcha is a type of green tea that contains compounds called catechins, which support the activation of fat metabolizing enzymes, if you’re looking for a pick-me-up pre working out, then this super shot is a must. Another amazing benefit of matcha is that just 1 cup provides at least three times as many antioxidants as regular green tea—the highest rated by the ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) method, and about half the amount of caffeine of regular coffee.

When to have it: 30 to 60 minutes prior to a resistance or cardio workout, mix ½ teaspoon into a small amount of water and mix into a paste. When smooth, top up with hot water and drink! Like many antioxidants, the catechins in matcha have a multitude of skin-healing potassium, vitamins A and C, iron, enzymes, and calcium.

Turmeric latte.

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After ghee, homemade yogurt, and coconut oil, turmeric is the foodie trend that's stuck from the South Asian pantry. Turmeric and milk is a fairly well-entrenched drink in the region’s food culture, where it is considered a restorative and is part of ayurvedic medicine—a holistic, all-natural approach to health that has been practiced for centuries in India. Its anti-inflammatory properties mean it can help to reduce redness and skin irritation, while its antibacterial qualities make it great for blemishes and acne.

When to have it: Turmeric produces a compound known as curcumin, which has a number of medicinal properties. One of these is that it can help to relieve joint pain and arthritis. It also helps to reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness—great news for gym bunnies! Make a foamy, café-quality latte with these clever hacks.

Probiotic water.

Probiotics occur naturally in yogurt and some fermented foods, but with drinks, it's a little different; both probiotic soda and probiotic water start with water kefir grains. But they're not actually grains—they're a combo of bacteria and yeast, which yields small, rubbery "grains" that sort of resemble cooked quinoa or little tapiocas.

When to have it: From a delicious healthy "spritzer" (like this sparkling raspberry and apple cider vinegar tonic) to the classic kefir, a probiotic-rich beverage is easy to make at home, cultivate your "gut garden," the microbiome, where trillions of bacteria regulate your immune system, hormones, brain, and genetics.

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