Wondering If You Have Good Mental Health? Ask Yourself This

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The first rule we learn in life is that when we need something, we should seek it from outside sources. Think about it: When we get hungry as babies, we cry, and we look to the outside world for relief. According to Andrew Huberman, Ph.D.—a neuroscientist who studies breathing and its relationship to the stress response—this is what he calls an "outside-in" experience for your brain. In fact, if you look at the whole of wellness and neuroplasticity literature, you'll see that tools for the brain fall into two categories: inside-out and outside-in. And while outside-in solutions are wonderful, they fall apart when you can't get what you want from outside sources or the person who once delivered the solution is no longer around. Can you relate? We sure can. As we grow older, we find that we can't always look for outside solutions to our inner state or emotions.

Luckily, the tools that are really starting to pick up steam are inside-out tools, which have historically been confined to the meditation community but are now expanding to the rest of society. In fact, the definition of good mental health might just be the ability to know whether we should call on an inside-out solution an outside-in solution in any given situation.

To learn more about modifying your inside-out architecture with breathwork, watch the full video here.

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