A Woman Is Training To Become A Navy SEAL For The First Time Ever

This summer, a woman is doing what was impossible just two years ago: She's training to become a Navy SEAL.

The woman, whose identity is being kept anonymous, is a midshipman undergoing the standard Navy SEAL training course designed to "weed out the weak." In December 2015, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced that all military roles would be open to women, creating the opportunity for this woman.

If successful, this midshipman will make history as the first woman to become a Navy SEAL, but the process won't be an easy one. In addition seven weeks of land warfare tactics and regular time two-mile swims, this woman will have to go through "hell week," which includes 20 hours of physical activity per day, 200 miles of running, and a frightful 4 hours of sleep over five-and-a-half days.

She's not the only woman making waves in the military: Another woman made history when she applied to be a Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman.

One thing's for sure: It's an exciting time to be a woman with military aspirations in the United States.

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