Today Is One Of The Most Spiritual Days Of The Year. Here's What It's Trying To Tell Us

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mbg Contributor
Erin Bruce is a lifestyle blogger based in Seattle, Washington with a bachelor’s in Psychology and Sociology from Western Washington University. Her passion for connecting personal growth work to the transformational energy of the seasons inspired her to create The Seasonal Soul, where she explores meaningful ways to add a seasonal component to your spiritual practice and simple rituals to celebrate the solstices and equinoxes.

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Today is the winter solstice—the shortest day of the year and the darkest time in Earth's northern hemisphere. It also marks the beginning of the sun's life cycle as it starts growing in strength again. Even though life appears cold and dead outside, this is actually a pivotal moment in the cycle of growth.

A new chapter begins today, a new revolution of the wheel.

But springing into action isn't the best way to ring in the occasion. In fact, if there is one time to rest and recharge your spirit, it's now. Growing all year is hard work, and it can leave us depleted. As much as possible in today's go-go-go society, you should take the solstice as a cue from nature to draw all your energies in and grant yourself some space to just be still without judgment.

The power of this season is all in the unseen, which is really hard for our ego-driven, masculine-dominant minds to believe. We think we need to be doing something, being productive in order to be of value. But winter doesn't work like that.

Wisdom is received inwardly this season. It's not an active, outer quest for knowledge; it's an internal processing of what has happened and what is coming next. The veil between the spirit realm and our physical one is thought to be thin during this time of year, meaning you might be receiving some divine downloads: new inspiration about how to live your life, new ideas you feel a mysterious urge to bring to fruition. You need to be a clear vessel in order to receive all the new wisdom and information available to you this season.

How to best prepare for the lessons of this spiritual time of year.

Indulge in deep, nurturing self-care. Sleep as much as you possibly can. Remind yourself that allowing yourself to rest doesn't mean you're not moving forward. You're building your energetic and spiritual foundation for the entire year to come. And that's important work!

While you rest, try to clear your mind of mental clutter and worry. Tune out the noise; turn off social media; try strategies to lessen your anxiety with the goal of clearing out everything that is clogging your mind.

So much of the noise in our heads is the annoying track of anxieties, worries, and judgments (of yourself and others) that run on repeat. This season, practice letting all of that go. Don't waste mental energy. Your most effective tool for this work is compassion and forgiveness toward yourself and others. Send yourself, and anyone you're upset with, loving compassion. Forgive. Then, let it go.

Here are a few more "spiritual tasks" to help your mind become a clear vessel that takes in the messages of the season:

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1. Rest. Rest. Rest.

You need the winter rest to recharge your spirit. You are renewing your body and your spirit for everything to come in 2019. It's during this vital rest that new dreams come to life and new hopes are born. Make sleep a real priority, and hold yourself accountable to it like any other task on your to-do list.

2. Clear your mind.

Meditation has been scientifically shown to release worry, stress, and anxiety. When you approach everything from a place of gentle, loving compassion, it helps you relax. Try to meditate more, but don't beat yourself up if it takes a while to drop in.

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3. Dream.

Create a lot of opportunities to dream this season by keeping a dream journal by your bed to write down where you went in your sleep. It's said that our dreams are conduits for receiving spiritual downloads, so they're worth paying attention to.

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