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Why You Should Use A Slightly Thicker Lip Balm For Fall + What To Look For

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October 7, 2022

As we ease into fall, you might notice your skin shifting with the new season. Especially after months of hot summer sun (despite slathering on SPF), you might be experiencing more flakes than usual. That's why skin experts often recommend a heavier moisturizer for the cooler months if you experience dryness.

However, a butter-thick night cream isn't the only product swap you'll want to add to your fall beauty regimen—you'll want to opt for a slightly thicker lip balm, too. Here's one rich, hydrating number that will save you from peeling, flaking, parched skin.

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What to look for in a fall lip balm.

If you're not already using lip balm daily, well, you should. Not only that, but you'll want to find an ultra-hydrating formula to remedy your lips from post-summer sun and prep the sensitive area for the cool, harsh winds to come. Read: A thin, humectant-only lip serum just won't cut it.

When looking for a nourishing balm, you'll also want to find something that adds hydration rather than just sitting on the surface (i.e., an occlusive-only ointment). Classic humectants like hyaluronic acid and glycerin are a must—especially if you apply your balm to damp lips.

Next, make sure to check your balm for rich emollients, like shea butter, cocoa butter, and fatty acids. These will help fill any microcracks in your lip skin to create a smooth, touchable surface and deeply nourish the area.

Finally, your go-to formula should include an occlusive seal. For a sustainable option, look for botanical oils like moringa seed oil, squalane oil, jojoba oil, etc. This is essential if you want to avoid reapplying again and again throughout the day.

And if you have sensitive skin or you're suffering from a lingering summer lip sunburn (ouch), opt for a fragrance-free formula. This will ensure your lips stay hydrated and ready to heal without the added risk of further irritation.

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The takeaway. 

That's a lot to remember, so we'll leave you with this: Find a lip balm that contains humectants, emollients, and occlusives, and use it regularly to heal post-summer lips and prep the skin for fall. Not sure where to find the best pick? Here's a list of our favorites to make it easy.

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Hannah Frye
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