5 Reasons You're Not Quitting The Job You Hate (And Why You Should Take The Leap)

Written by Luca Sofia C. Engen

You open the doors to your workplace and immediately that familiar feeling of resentment washes over you. Your body tenses up and you catch yourself thinking you’d rather be anywhere but here. And yet here you are—working the same old job day in and day out. Your body is present, but your mind is not. You have checked out, so to speak. You’re not happy, and it shows.

Maybe you have dark circles under your tired eyes, maybe you’re gaining weight from stress eating. The unhappiness tied to your job spills into your general life, and you find yourself increasingly unhealthy, smoking more, sleeping less, laughing less, worrying more. But why do you stay, when every single cell in your body screams with frustration at your work? When you absolutely hate your job? Here are five reasons you’re not quitting the job you hate (and why you should):

1. You believe you don't deserve any better.

If you’re staying at a job you dislike—a job that might be draining you—you really need to ask yourself why. Why do you let yourself stay in an unhealthy situation? Regardless of how others might feel about your job—if it’s objectively cool or prestigious—all that truly matters is your health and happiness. Unhappiness is directly correlated with a whole host of illnesses, diseases, and symptoms. No job is worth your happiness. No job is worth your health. Why don’t you believe you deserve to be happy and healthy?

2. You don't trust yourself.

You might be staying at a job you hate because you lack trust in yourself and your abilities. Maybe you feel like you won’t be able to make the life for yourself you really dream of, so it’s somewhat easier to stay at your current job, even if it’s making you miserable. Imagine this: How would you live your life differently if you had utmost trust in yourself? If you knew you were fully capable of having a great job you both loved and were ace at? Trust is all about your mindset. Maybe it’s time you trust yourself.

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3. You don't trust the universe or God.

Just as a lack of trust in yourself can hold you back from leaving a job you hate, a lack of trust in the universe can, too! Maybe it sounds a little grandiose, but not trusting the universe (or simply life) can really be a hindrance to being the greatest version of yourself. If you feel like life is not going to be supportive of you, that you’ll always get the short end of the stick, if you feel like life is somehow against you—then you’re making it very difficult for yourself to leave the job you hate. Instead, trust that the universe has your back, that life loves you and wants to support you. Trust that everyone on this earth benefits from you being happy and everyone is losing when you’re not.

4. You've resigned yourself to not being happy.

Have you given up? Have the above factors resulted in you simply throwing in the towel and giving up on yourself? If you have tuned out the inner voice telling you to get the hell out of that place for years, then it’s likely your inner voice has turned silent. Instead, that inner voice and gut feeling will try to get your attention in different ways—you might be losing sleep, hair, hope. But hang on. You deserve to be happy! You really, really do. Don’t give up on yourself. We've all met elderly folks who are bitter and just seem to hate everything about their lives. Those are the people who gave up on themselves somewhere along the way. Please don’t resign yourself to being miserable. The world needs your light.

5. You're not treating yourself with kindness.

Ask yourself: If you had a beloved child whom you had raised with the utmost love and kindness, would you want for them to be in your situation? What would you tell them if they were? You deserve to be kind to yourself. You deserve to treat yourself like a loving parent would treat you. Life doesn’t have to be a battle; it doesn’t have to be so tough. When you stay at a job you hate, your entire being is fighting a daily battle on so many levels. Is that showing kindness toward yourself? If you can treat yourself with compassion and kindness, you’ll be healthier, you'll be happier, and you'll have so much more to give the world.

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