This Psychic's Quick Exercise For Shifting Negative Energy

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As a psychic intuitive, one of the things I do for clients is help them identify possibilities and opportunities for growth and change. Simply changing your attitude toward a situation can be a significant shift. A change in outlook will change your energy, which can open new doors for you.

Right now in early July, we’re about halfway through the calendar year—and midpoints are influential times! Make a midyear resolution to adopt a new attitude around a situation or relationship in your life, and then observe how this new attitude changes your energy and affects the outcome. Here's how:

1. Pick an area of your life where you feel stuck, hopeless, lost, or negative.

Is there something in your life that you feel will "never change"? In my experience with clients, everyone feels this way about at least one aspect of their lives. Maybe it’s something big like your health, your finances, your love life, or your career. It could also be something a little smaller, like the dynamic between you and your father or you and your boss. When I asked you to pick something you feel "stuck, hopeless, lost, or negative" about, what was the first thing that came to mind? It’s probably a good issue to start with, which is why your intuition popped it into your head.

2. Be open to looking at this issue from a new perspective.

Even if you think your salary will never substantially change, for example, start playing with the idea that it’s doable. When we believe change is possible, we take the blinders off and start to see other options and approaches. Once you believe increasing your income is a viable option, your intuition will start looking for ways to make it happen. You might ask your boss about a raise, turn a hobby into a part-time business, change companies or careers, or begin saving up so you can buy an investment property that will turn into passive income.

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3. Come up with a mantra to remind yourself of your new outlook.

The human brain can get stuck—just like a record can skip and get stuck—on one way to view a situation: "I’ll never find a mate" or "I’ll never find a better way to manage my chronic condition." The guides I work with in psychic readings tell me that thoughts like these keep people boxed in and cut off from change. Your new mantra might be, "Someone special is out there waiting for me" or "I’m open to feeling better and more in control of my health." Mantras are not designed to help you deny painful emotions, engage in wishful thinking, or encourage you to attach to one specific outcome. But mantras do help you think outside the box!

4. Now watch for changes in this situation.

Since you are changing your attitude, you are actually changing your energy. I’ve learned by giving psychic readings just how much we underestimate the power of energy. Your new outlook will make you more open, which signals to the universe and others that you are open for business (just like when a store turns on its neon sign) and will allow more people and opportunities to flow your way. Your new attitude will also help you recognize opportunities and possibilities that were probably there all along, yet you could not recognize them when you were more closed off to the idea of this situation changing. Your difficult boss might not change, but you might realize that having a different approach or attitude about your difficult boss is the shift that makes your job enjoyable again. And remember, changing our outlook on a person can sometimes even affect that person’s energy and how they treat us.

Don't stop here! If you get good results from this exercise over the next weeks and months, try it out on another aspect of your life where you are feeling stuck.

Once you do this midyear audit, learn how to tap into progress by honing your intuition like a pro.

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