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Mama Medicine On Why We Should All Be "De-Manifesting" During Quarantine

Deborah Hanekamp
mbg Contributor By Deborah Hanekamp
mbg Contributor
Deborah Hanekamp, also known as Mama Medicine, has been called “fashion’s favorite healer” by Vogue Magazine. She facilitates Medicine Readings out of her Space in Soho, New York.
Woman Meditating Outdoors

Once upon a time, humans worked together toward the good of the collective. We did labor to support the community. We heeded to the guidance of our respected elders and the strength of the feminine. We were secure with our self-worth; we knew without us something would be missing. We lived out our dreams together and fulfilled our potential as human beings.

Somehow, somewhere along the way, we became the Earth's spoiled brats. Selfishness set in, and ego-centered emptiness became ingrained in our consciousness—passed down from generation to generation as we began worshipping matter and disregarding spirit. Without connection to spirit, we felt lonely and lost. A crisis of lack of gratitude set in without us even realizing the severity of what was happening. 

We hypnotized ourselves with want and comparison; we fell into a trap so thick we got used to it and forgot what it was to be free. We lost healthy discipline and began living a life of extremes—constantly fixing, planning, scheming, cultivating. We stopped trusting the divine timing of milestones, and we forced personal will over divine will. We forgot that manipulating a circumstance for personal gain comes at a personal cost.

De-manifestation is a way to clear away these distractions that keep us from experiencing the pure bliss available to us in the present moment.

What is "de-manifestation," and how is it different from manifestation?

While manifesting and chasing a brighter future will always be important, de-manifestation reminds us of what we already have. It is the power of understanding the extraordinary in the ordinary. It looks like taking care of what you have already been given, looking into the eyes of those who love you, and looking up at the night sky in awe and wonder. Simple pleasures: These are the true fortune of being human, and they are available to us all.

De-manifestation is a reminder that knowing blessedness, finding ourselves, remembering our worth, and realizing what we already have is our birthright. Once we can de-manifest the distractions, we can ride the high highs and the low lows of this precious life we've been given.


A de-manifestation ritual to try in isolation.

What would it feel like to know you are enough? What would it feel like to stop thinking about what's next and sit with what's now? What would it feel like to not always have to strive for more? What would it feel like to just let yourself be? 

We can use this time of isolation to reflect on these questions and develop our skills. For a simple de-manifestation ritual, try to stay away from all forms of distraction (even reading a book could be a distraction!) for a set period of time. Feel the concept of time shift; feel how long the day can be. Feel how hard it is to just sit with yourself in silence and stillness.

Notice the dreams that come through for you while you are in this powerful time of reflection. Notice the beauty in the natural world when you get out for a little walk, notice how tired your body is from all the detoxing your brain is doing. Try this practice for one day, three days, or one week and notice the creativity and dreams that follow.

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