Why Ellie Goulding Never Skips This One Workout

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Ellie Goulding may have a booming career and dozens of chart-topping singles under her belt, but the British singer and songwriter has had her struggles—namely, anxiety and staying calm in her fast-paced industry. Over the years, she's found that one thing consistently works: exercise.

More specifically, Goulding loves to run. "Running helps clear my mind, and it allows me an hour or so to be in my own head—no outside distractions, no people talking in my ear, and no craziness," she tells mbg. "Just me and my thoughts. I’ve been running since I was 18, and I regularly run 5 or 6 miles. It does become tough to find routes when I’m on tour, but I find it’s the best way to explore a new location—especially when I am in a new city every day!"

But going for a daily run isn't all there is to it when it comes to Goulding's wellness routine. Here's what else you should know about Goulding's relationship with taking care of herself.

Yoga is high on her list of priorities.

While running is Goulding's main joy when it comes to fitness, yoga is also huge for her. "I try to find time to do yoga at least once a week. It helps me stay true to myself as well as revitalize myself, calm down, and find my center," she explains. "I’ve also found drinking pH-balanced water to be the best thing for me to immediately recover whenever I do go running. CORE Water is my favorite."


Running on a treadmill is fine, but Goulding prefers to take it outdoors.

If a long run in nature is on the table, Goulding is the first to jump at the opportunity. "I prefer running outside to running on a treadmill in a gym, hands down! I run outside as often as I can (like I said, I love exploring new cities by running the streets early in the morning), and I also join marathons whenever I’m free," she says. "The training process is a bit intense, but it gives me something to fully invest myself in, and it’s a fun challenge to see something through from start to finish. Running outside is also more of a mental game—there are no numbers on a screen telling me how many calories I've burned during that session, which I love. I like to focus on the streets, my music, and the fresh air on my skin as much as possible."

Workouts like running and kickboxing have helped her become a better performer.

Performing regularly requires a lot of endurance, and regular exercise gives Goulding exactly that. "I’m stronger, my endurance is lifted, and I have an extra level of confidence from knowing what my body is capable of," she explains. "I know my limits, but I also know that pushing them will make me more resilient and a better performer. Training, especially boxing and kickboxing, also gives me this kick of adrenaline that never fails to start my day off on the right foot."


When it comes food, Goulding believes in the power of balance.

Goulding prioritizes a healthy diet, but she also makes sure to leave room to have fun. "I think it’s all about balance," she says. "I do have some friends that have insanely strict diets, and while I respect that, I also know it can be extremely difficult to stick to. I’ve been vegetarian for some time and try to eat as healthy as possible when I can, but I won’t lie, I like a cocktail from time to time, and while I try to avoid sugar, it’s really difficult. I think as long as you’re training hard and you’re being as healthy as you can be, a few indulgences are OK."

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