Whole Foods Market Just Scrubbed Its Instagram Account For An Important Reason

Scroll through Whole Foods Market's Instagram account and you'll find a colorful display of the company's products and the people who made them. But earlier this week, all of that disappeared. The @wholefoods handle was scrubbed clean and its 2.6 million followers saw nothing but a canvas of white squares. The list of accounts it followed mysteriously dwindled down to eight names—including Beyoncé, The Official Sting, and Bumble.

Today, we found out why: In honor of National Pollinator Week, the Whole Kids Foundation is aiming to raise $100,000 to bring educational beehives to elementary schools across the country.

Instagram/ @wholefoods

"Bees are a critical contributor to so many of the foods we love. One in three bites of the food we eat is made possible because of pollinators," the fundraising page reads. "When you give children access to an educational beehive, they learn firsthand about the essential role pollinators play in nature and in growing our food."

It's true—we have bees to thank for the majority of our foods. A single honeybee can pollinate up to 300 million flowers every day, and agricultural strongholds like California rely on bees for nearly all of its crops.

But the bees are in trouble: Colony collapse disorder (CDC), a relatively new and mysterious phenomenon, continues to decimate entire hives and kill off up to 30 percent of bees each year. Last year, a bee species was added to the endangered species list for the first time. Though the exact causes of CDC are unknown, large-scale pesticide use is suspected to play a role.

This morning, Whole Foods Market posted videos of bees making their way across white backgrounds with captions like "Without bees, you wouldn’t have your favorite foods...Our Instagram feed would be blank, like this." This buzzy campaign shines a light on the amazing pollinators, and hopefully it will raise some serious cash—and awareness—to help keep them healthy into the future.

Learn more about the movement to protect the world's bees here!

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