March's Full Moon: Why This Super Worm Moon Is Super Powerful

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mindbodygreen Editorial Assistant
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Full Moon Against Orange Sky

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The full moon is a time of culmination, heightened energy, and manifestations coming to life. And supermoons, according to folklore, heighten those effects even more.

Well, buckle your seat belts, because this month's full moon, the "Worm Moon," is one of three supermoons in 2020. It'll make its peak appearance in skies near you on Monday, March 9, at 1:48 p.m. EDT.

It's also the last full moon before winter ends and we welcome spring, making it an especially potent time for reflection and closing out cycles. Here's everything to know about the upcoming supermoon.

It's the first supermoon of the year.

First off, what actually makes a supermoon? The term "supermoon" just means a new or full moon fell at the point when the Moon was closest to Earth during its orbit. That closer proximity is what makes the moon appear somewhat brighter and larger.

According to the Farmer's Almanac, a supermoon looks about 7% bigger than a regular full moon, but this may not be discernible to the naked eye. Nevertheless, when the moon is closer to Earth, it has a stronger effect on the oceans' tides, and some say, a stronger effect on us.

And March's full moon happens to be one of three consecutive supermoons this year (check back in April and again in May).

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Where does the name come from?

Each month's full moon has its own distinct name. And for March, the most common name is the Full Worm Moon. It can also be referred to as the Full Sap Moon, given that the end of winter/early spring is when sap begins flowing in maple trees.

But the Full Worm Moon is called so because it falls during a time of year when the ground is beginning to thaw, and earthworms start resurfacing after the cold winter. As such, this moon is all about the advent of spring.

How to harness the full moon's energy.

To make the most of this elevated energy, there are a few full moon rituals the AstroTwins recommend for tapping into the power of the lunar cycle. But first, it's important to understand the specific qualities of full moons: They're all about endings and the completion of a cycle, so keeping that in mind, you don't want to worry too much about tackling a new project or making a huge decision.

Rather, take this time to reflect and close out your most recent chapter. The next time a full moon comes around, it will be spring. So for a good place to start, you could meditate on, or journal about, all that's happened this winter.

The AstroTwins also recommend getting some friends together for a full moon circle, to further amplify the power of the moon—and your intention. This would also be a great time to cleanse and charge up your favorite crystals.

As we say goodbye to winter, maybe you want to get rid of winter's stagnant energy in your own body, or perhaps get a head-start on your spring cleaning. But no matter how you decide to work with it, the Full Worm Moon is sure to be a powerful one.

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