Is Your Standing Desk Actually Good For You? Science Says Maybe Not

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Whether you have a standing desk or you've been coveting one, new research published in the journal Ergonomics points to some interesting evidence about standing desks: They may not be as good for us as we think.

For the study, researchers had 20 people stand for two hours at a time. They found that although creative problem-solving did improve, participants experienced increased swelling in their lower limbs and saw a decrease in mental state. So while sitting may kill you, standing all day may not be so great for you either.

Of course, there's no question that the amount of time Americans spend sitting is a huge problem—another study found that the amount of time spent sitting is directly correlated with early death, even if you exercise regularly. So try setting a timer that will encourage you to take frequent walks throughout the day, and consider massaging out sitting-related tightness with yoga therapy balls. And if you do have a standing desk, remember that this study is small—and only time will tell how the whole standing desk debate really shakes out.

Want more ideas for how to move more throughout the day? Here's an easy one.

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