5 Wellness Products Holistic Esthetician Britta Plug Recommends To Everyone

Holistic Esthetician and Skin Care Expert By Britta Plug
Holistic Esthetician and Skin Care Expert
Britta Plug is an NYC-based licensed esthetician and holistic health coach with over 12 years of experience. She holds an international skin-care diploma (CIDESCO), and is engaged in ongoing studies of meditation, herbalism, nutrition, and yoga. She is also the creator of Studio Britta.
5 Wellness Products Holistic Esthetician Britta Plug Recommends To Everyone

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Here at mbg, we love getting a glimpse into the habits of the biggest movers and shakers in the wellness world—and what better way to do that than by looking at the products they use on a daily basis? In our latest series, mbg Collective members spill on the tools that help them live balanced, happy, healthy lives—and that they recommend to basically everyone. Next up: Britta Plug, renowned holistic esthetician, facial gua sha expert, and co-founder of Wildling Beauty.

Joovv Go

The Joovv Go is this super-awesome portable red light that delivers the correct wavelengths (with red light therapy, wavelength specificity is super important). I use red light therapy in my facial treatments for collagen production and skin firming, but I have Hashimoto's, and I've actually been using it a lot over my thyroid due to the promising research on its effects there. It just feels so good; it's like my body craves it! You can also use it for muscle recovery after workouts. 

Sweaty Betty Travel Mat

I got a Sweaty Betty travel yoga mat a couple of years ago. One side is rubberized and grippy, and the other is soft fabric, and it folds up so small (Jade Yoga also makes a great one). It's great for traveling, and I've taken it with me on just about every trip I've been on. What I've been doing is taking it out to Central Park in the mornings to do a little yoga practice or some light stretching.

The Mountain Valley Spring Water

I cannot get enough of Mountain Valley Spring Water. I just think that it's the yummiest, and I've become a total water snob because of it. I notice when I get clients drinking it, their skin improves. I've had people report that they have better bowel movements, too. It's got to be the mineral content that's really beneficial for the body. They also do delivery with the big glass tanks of water so you're not going through as many small bottles.

Capresso Milk Frother

I have this milk frother by Capresso, and it's amazing for at-home lattes. Normally, plant-based milks don't really foam up, but Elmhurst almond milk (which doesn't have any emulsifiers) works amazing. I became really conscious of binders and emulsifiers when I was doing the autoimmune paleo diet, since they can disrupt gut health. I'll use my frothed almond milk with regular organic coffee or with Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee (with lion's mane, which helps with brain fog) to create these foamy health drinks. I make like three a day; they're so delicious!

Follain No. 1 Candle

I love Follain for their clean beauty products, but they have really nice candles as well. Follain No. 1 is my favorite: It's lavender, bergamot, sandalwood, and vanilla. I just find the smell really calming, and I like to have it going when I'm doing my little rituals to wind down at the end of the day.

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