6 Things You Need To Know Today (April 2, 2018)


1. Being a fast runner is about more than just physical strength.

A new study found that runners who have a high emotional intelligence—those who are in touch with how the mind influences the body—tend to be faster. When the authors explain why, it makes sense: "The ability to overcome fatigue while running is a fundamental question, and we were convinced that it depended greatly on people’s ability to manage their emotions." (PsyPost)

2. There might be an off switch for inflammation.

Researchers from Dublin just discovered that a molecule called itaconate can halt the activity of macrophages. These cells play a huge role in our inflammatory response, and shutting them down could help us treat inflammatory disease like IBS and arthritis. (Science Daily)

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3. Does when you eat matter more than what you eat?

With carb backloading, it does. The concept has you consume most of your carbs late in the day for greater weight loss. It's backed by research out of Cambridge, but the study was fairly small (just 44 participants), so take it with a grain of salt! (The Cut)

4. There's a new kind of support group in London—the Anti-Diet Riot Club

London’s new Anti-Diet Riot Club is promoting a different kind of support group. The club launched last week with the hopes of creating a space where women can talk candidly about body positivity in offline spaces. It's also a space where participants are free to explore and critique the various topics stemming from the body acceptance conversation. (The Guardian)

5. In Los Angeles, coffee will come with a cancer warning label.

Thanks to acrylamide, a by-product of roasting coffee beans and known carcinogen in rodents, a California judge has ruled that coffee roasters, distributors, and retailers including Starbucks need to label the product with a cancer warning. That said, not all experts agree that acrylamide is concentrated enough to be carcinogenic to humans, arguing that coffee's cancer-protective properties may outweigh acrylamide's allegedly harmful effects. The debate continues! (mindbodygreen)

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6. Night-owl college students are at a serious disadvantage.

New research out of U.C.–Berkeley tracked 15,000 college students, monitoring their natural circadian rhythms and grades. They found that "peak alert times" were often at odds with the demands of work and school, showing up in poor grades. Is it finally time to push back school start times? We hope so. (Science Daily)

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