6 Things You Need To Know Today (April 19, 2018)

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1. Want to lower your heart disease risk? Eat more nuts.

According to a large new Swedish study that followed over 60,000 adults for up to 17 years, consuming nuts was associated with a lower risk of heart attack, heart failure, stroke, and irregular rapid heartbeat. Still, it's worth noting that people who tended to consume nuts were also younger, had a lower body mass index, and were more likely to be physically active, which could have something to do with the results. More research needs to be conducted before nuts can be declared a "miracle food," but for now, go ahead and stock up on almonds and cashews. (NYT)

2. Food waste is a huge problem in American grocery stores.

After surveying several major grocery stores in the United States, environmental advocacy groups have found that many of them have a bad habit of wasting food. Nine out of America’s 10 largest grocery companies don't publicly report their total volume of food waste. (Dayton Daily News)

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3. Just how much plastic is in our oceans, exactly?

Scientists approximate that 8 million metric tons of plastic are thrown into our oceans each year. Plastic has been found ingested in 60 percent of marine birds and a whopping 100 percent of sea turtle species. Another study published in Environmental Pollution determined that Europeans who consume commercial grown bi-valves could be ingesting up to 11,000 plastic microfibers annually. The main source of marine plastic pollution is packaging—to do your part, BYOBag when you're food shopping, ditch plastic straws for reusable glass or metal ones, and go the extra mile to make sure your plastic waste is being recycled properly. (Independent)

4. Immunotherapy is a big win for newly diagnosed cancer patients.

Recent studies found that immunotherapy worked wonders when combined with chemotherapy for newly diagnosed cancer patients. Another study found that immunotherapy worked better than chemo in terms of delaying the spread of cancer cells in lung cancer patients. While the immune therapy treatments only worked for half of the participants, researchers say that the results are far better than chemo’s track record. (daily-journal)

5. Mono has been linked to seven other diseases.

Most of us know about the mono virus, which is responsible for causing mononucleosis, or the "kissing disease." Well, researchers have been able to link the virus to the development of certain types of cancers, MS, and lupus. Knowing this could help drive treatments for these diseases and hopefully, one day, prevent them in the first place. (U.S. News)

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6. There's a new, side-effect-free migraine treatment on the horizon.

Erenumab uses fully human monoclonal antibodies to block a molecule that transmits migraine pain signals during a migraine. It's administered as a monthly injection that prevents pain. The FDA is expected to approve the game-changing drug in May. (NBC)

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