6 Things You Need To Know Today (September 20, 2018)

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1. You don't have to be old to have low testosterone.

A phenomenon doctors are calling "male menopause" is occurring in younger men. According to leading integrative physicians, sexual health and hormone health in men is increasingly being affected by lifestyle factors like obesity, lack of sleep, and stress. In a new book edited by Dr. Andrew Weil called Integrative Sexual Health, holistic solutions like movement, diet, and exercise are explored as a way to keep testosterone levels normal throughout the aging process. (CNN)

2. Our walking styles might say a lot about us.

An international study across several nations found many people don't walk according to what's physiologically most efficient for them. Instead, the way people walk reflects various aspects of their cultures and identities. Men walk faster when walking with other men and slower when walking with women, for example. Ugandans walk quickly when alone but are more leisurely in a group, whereas Americans speed up when around other people. Read more about the fascinating findings here at mbg.

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3. The ketogenic movement grows roots in a small Texan grocery store.

Five employees in a Sprouts Farmers Market grocery store have lost almost 200 pounds collectively thanks to the ketogenic diet. It started with one man, Farley Hayes, who tried keto to lose weight—when his co-workers saw the results, they are started the popular diet plan as well. They hope to add a keto section to the store in order to help more people start living a healthier lifestyle. (ABC News)

4. Our brains apparently want us to be lazy.

If sloth is your occasional vice, don't take it too personally: New research discovered that our brains need to work harder to get us to combat inactive behaviors (like lying around on the couch) than they do for avoiding physical activity. In other words, we might just be hardwired to gravitate toward being sedentary. (Science Daily)

5. Yet another reason to avoid single-use plastics and microplastics.

Just as fish are ingesting the microplastic in our oceans, mosquitoes are devouring the stuff on land. According to new research, when a mosquito larva eats microplastic, it stays in the insect's body until adulthood—meaning if another animal eats the bug, it ends up in their system too. (mindbodygreen)

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6. File this under the most intuitive news ever: Low-nutrient foods have a higher risk for cancer.

A new study has affirmed what mindbodygreen readers likely already knew (although a little extra dose of inspiration is never a bad thing!): People who regularly eat foods with low nutritional value have a higher risk of developing cancer. The study analyzed 471,495 participants over 15 years. The study's researchers say that they hope the findings lead to more clear nutrient labeling on packaged food. (Medical News Today)

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