Yes, Wellness Leaders Have Awkward First Dates Too. Here Are Some Of Them

mbg Contributor By Leigh Weingus
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Weird dating experiences: We've all been there. From the girl who never texted back after three months of dating to the guy who wouldn't stop talking about himself for three solid hours, in the age of dating apps, there are tons of stories to go around.

Guess what? Health and wellness leaders go on less-than-normal dates, too. Here, seven of them open up about the weirdest date they've ever been on—and some of them happen to have very happy endings.

The handstand-and-sandwich date.

"The first 'date' I had with my husband, Mike, after we met at 'yoga camp' in upstate New York was about a million cups of coffee while doing the whole life-story download at Cafe Gitane. We stayed long enough for a meal and kept going for refills. I got stuck with the bill when he conveniently went to the bathroom. On the next date he came over, brought his own sandwich, sat on my floor, and ate it. What a weird move!

"Searching for conversation, I asked if he wanted me to help him work on a handstand, seeing as he liked yoga and all. He put down his sandwich, put his hands on the ground, wiggled up to a handstand, rolled around a bit like a cat stretching, and wiggled back down like no big thing and went back to his sandwich. So, weird date, but at least he gave me something I could work with!" —Tara Stiles, co-founder of Strala Yoga

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The make-out gone wrong.

"I was over at my now-husband's house for the first time. After our lunch date, we were cuddling and talking on the couch and started kissing. Perfect timing because in walks his daughter right in the middle of our make-out session! We felt like two teenage kids getting caught in the action. We were pretty embarrassed and on the verge of bursting out into laughter, and his daughter was scurrying to get the dog and run out of the apartment—something we all look back on and laugh about on many occasions." —Sara Quiriconi, yogi and founder of Live Free Warrior

The "let's go to a rave in the middle of the day!" date.

"Probably the worst was when I met someone for coffee and they convinced me to come back to their house to hang out (yes, I'm that trusting) and then suggested we take shots of vodka in the middle of the afternoon and get tickets to a rave that night.

"If you know me, I am not into raves and I drink alcohol about twice a year. From there, he confessed to me that his whole family thinks he is gay and proceeded to explain to me all the reasons why he knows he's straight. No problems there, but I quickly realized he wasn't my type and needless to say, we didn't hang out again! Although he seemed to have a great time—I didn't stop hearing from him for weeks!" —Jordan Younger, founder of The Balanced Blonde

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The "my life's a mess!" date.

"I was set up on a friend date in 2011 after I first moved to New York with a friend of a friend who worked in the music industry. He said he would gladly score me tickets to a few upcoming shows and events, a very thoughtful offer after having just met me. We got along really well right off the bat, and eventually I wound up pouring a little bit of my recently mended heart out to him about what a train wreck I currently was: basically broke, just having crashed at a friend's place on an air mattress for a month, living at the time in a tiny apartment in a room that barely squeezed in said air mattress, freezing my California buns off (it was the winter of 'snowpocalypse'), living off yogurt and Trader Joe's cereal and late-night veggie slices.

"When we parted ways I laughed at how ridiculous I must have sounded to him: typical 20-something New York City transplant trying to find her way. Funnily enough, my shameful first impression didn't faze him—a few months later we started dating, and he is still patiently listening to my highs and lows to this day." —Sasha Nelson, yoga Instructor

The "you have too many books" date.

"My date picked me up at my apartment and walked in while I was getting ready. He was purveying my vast collection of books and said in a thick, disapproving tone, 'Wow. You have so many books. And you keep them where people can see them.' Um, yeah. At least he was hot." —Kathryn Budig, yoga teacher and mbg class instructor

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The "I forgot my wallet" date.

"Nightmare first date was with a man who took me to an expensive sushi restaurant and we ordered an insane amount of food. The food was amazing, which made up for a very awkward conversation (all about him) and lo and behold, he 'forgot' his wallet. Needless to say, we never had a second date, and I did not let him drive me home. Trusted my intuition on that one!" —Fern Olivia, yogi and mbg class instructor

The nature date.

"Well, seeing as I have only dated athletes—all of my first dates are something out in nature, adventurous, and it ends up being hysterical and a total blast. I guess I should cross my fingers that the next one isn’t me playing a ball sport, because that won’t go very well…." —Caroline Burckle, Olympic medalist

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