Weekly Horoscope: This Week's New Moon Could Shake Things Up In A Big Way

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On Tuesday, Jupiter goes out of retrograde, and hopefully it'll bring some much-needed stability.

A return to empathy, anyone? This week's emotionally evocative planets could melt the most frozen of hearts, or at least begin the thawing process. If the spring left you with a bit of a power outage, get ready to plug back into your deepest source of strength. Warning: The feels might hit like a tsunami this week, so keep your support squad close!

It starts on Tuesday, as outspoken Jupiter ends a four-month retrograde that began on March 8, 2018. Since October 10, 2017, the red giant has been winding through Scorpio, the sign of sex, secrets, and domination. Since then, the power structure has been under a stadium-size light, which brought ugly truths of sexual harassment and abuse into the headlines. To wit, almost to the day that Jupiter moved into Scorpio, Hollywood luminaries from Uma Thurman to Mira Sorvino broke their silence on Weinstein's sexual abuse. From there, the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements were born. As to be expected, backlash has welled up, especially with globalist Jupiter in snooze mode. Jupiter's retrograde in Scorpio has intensified divisions—most recently, in the polarizing human rights atrocity that separated more than 2,000 South and Central American children from their parents as they sought asylum at the United States border. Reproductive rights—also the domain of legislative Jupiter in Scorpio—continue to come under fire with the California Supreme Court overturning laws and a vacancy springing up on the U.S. Supreme Court due to the balance-tipping retirement of Justice Kennedy. As worldly Jupiter napped, trade wars erupted among longtime allies while bonds were forged with longtime nemeses. It's been...a lot.

Our hope is that Jupiter's about-face this July 10 will bring some much-needed stability and civility back to the world stage. But we doubt it will stop there. The red-spotted planet is on fleek in Scorpio until November 8, which could reignite the full-blown disruption that the #MeToo movement sparked. Of course, King Jupiter, which rules legal affairs, calls for due process. After this retrograde, there may be more difficult court proceedings, legislative actions and contract negotiations. What can YOU do? This summer, do not sleep through the midterm primaries if you live in the United States, which are as essential to vote in as the midterm elections on November 6. (Here's a list of primary election dates for all 50 states, which may still be upcoming in your state). This election will determine which party will have control of Congress (the House and Senate)—and that makes a crucial difference in the types of laws that are passed and upheld in the United States. The personal is political in 2018. Before you go thinking that this discussion is a departure from the cosmos, a gentle reminder that astrology absolutely deals with matters that are happening right here on Planet Earth. Want to help a neighbor register to vote or register yourself so you can flex one of your most important rights as a U.S. citizen? Here's the voter registration guide for every state.

On Wednesday, Uranus goes into Taurus and disrupts the status quo.

Throughout the week, the divine feminine may manifest in unexpected ways. Venus, the only planet in the solar system named for a goddess, heads into Virgo on Monday, July 9, and makes two potent "earth trines" (120-degree angles) to a pair of powerful planets. Virgo is the sign of charitable service; Venus here can be both selfless and systematic. Can we mobilize for the good of the world (and the women of the world) during this transit? Between now and August 6, there could be subtle yet very real shifts back to serenity and a "borderless" sense of common human decency. These grounding trines take place in earth signs, emphasizing the traditional over the radical. However, the first trine, on Wednesday, July 11, will be a flowing formation with revolutionary Uranus in Taurus, which may lovingly disrupt the status quo. Then, on Saturday, Venus cozies up to take-charge Saturn in Capricorn, bringing an opportunity to mobilize behind causes (and candidates) that empower women.

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On Thursday, the new moon in Cancer raises awareness.

But wait...there's more! On Thursday, July 12, alpha females will rise as the annual new moon in Cancer arrives in the form of a galvanizing solar eclipse. These boisterous beams mark the start of a two-year series of eclipses on the Cancer-Capricorn axis that are sure to bring even more awareness to issues of gender, families, and nationalism. The eclipse falls in direct opposition to powermonger Pluto (retrograde) in Capricorn, the sign that rules corporate interests, the economy, and the patriarchy. Policies that benefit the wealthy at the expense of the average citizen could be further exposed, and this eclipse may give birth to yet another unanticipated movement. The message of these moonbeams? What the world needs now is love (sweet love), clean and green energy, and a better way of sharing food, water, and other vital resources. Heart-centered Cancer is the sign that nourishes us all, brings us together in caring circles, and keeps us feeling safe and secure in our homes. But that's not about hiding away and hoarding supplies. How can we care for ourselves and our loved ones while still doing good in the world? The gauntlet's been thrown down: Let the soul-searching—and solution-finding—begin!

Check out what's in the stars for the rest of July!

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