Weekly Horoscope: Aquarius Season Is Here, Folks

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On Monday, a quarter moon in Aries will inspire us to dream big.

Prepare for lift-off! The week begins with a quarter moon in Aries, a lunar boost that will activate our ambitions while also helping us weigh our visionary ideas against practical considerations. And it doesn't hurt that the Sun is spending its final six days in can-do Capricorn, steering us in a savvy direction so we can develop a solid strategy for success. Use the week to fortify your launching pad. As legacy-building Capricorn knows, creating a stable foundation is the prerequisite for success. Does your game plan need fine-tuning? Are there details that haven't been confirmed, safety precautions to consider? Err on the side of caution so you can fly free after Sunday when el Sol beams into Aquarius, the zodiac's rocket scientist (and sometimes space cadet). And don't forget to reap your well-deserved rewards. Maybe there's a shiny gold star waiting to be plucked from the skies and placed on your wall of fame. If you're going for the gold, be proactive and perhaps even a tad competitive if need be. Achievement-oriented Capricorn loves when we earn our credentials based on merit and hard work. And if things get difficult, persevere.

On Friday, Venus trines Mars and brings on the passion.

On Friday, cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars dance a passionate tango as they flow into a "fire trine," which is a pulse-quickening 120-degree angle. Planning a date? Detour away from the usual places! Single? Steer clear of the usual suspects. With Venus in worldly, adventurous Sagittarius and firecracker Mars in his home sign of Aries, the new and unexplored will be a total turn-on. Need to have an honest chat about the state of your union? In these outspoken fire signs, Venus and Mars pull no punches. We'll all be a lot more unrestrained on Friday, which will certainly be exhilarating but maybe not the best when it comes to setting boundaries. Careful not to develop selective amnesia in the face of a blazing hot bad boy or girl! Couples can harness this energy to get started on a co-created project. From renovating the kitchen to starting a YouTube channel to planning a winter vacation with your friend group, put your heads together and start scheming.

Now's the time to mobilize around an important cause, as Aquarius season energizes the collective activism.

Aquarius Season begins on the 20th, which could lure us all out of hibernation and into the winter wonderland to enjoy the snowy sports or indoor hygge season activities like book and wine clubs, craft nights, concerts and game-changing group art projects. The more is always the mightier when the zodiac's Water Bearer is ruling the skies. Between now and February 18, Aquarius brings an important PSA about the power of pooling resources. There's more than enough to go around when everyone chips in—and let's be honest, we could REALLY afford to conserve some natural resources right about now. Geek is chic during this tech-savvy four-week cycle. Tap the virtual network to rally with kindred spirits. If you have computer equipment and digital devices to upgrade, start shopping around. Or call the developers and get to work on that online venture or genius app that started as a joke but might actually turn into something legit...and profitable!

Now's the time to mobilize around an important cause, as Aquarius season energizes the collective activism. With the almost-full, "Wolf" supermoon AND lunar eclipse in Leo beginning to turn blood red late on Sunday night, we could hear the Aquarian call to "fight the power" in the name of preserving rights for everyday people. With so much turbulence on the ever-changing (and challenging) political landscape, some will hear a call to run for office or support a promising candidate—just hours before MLK Day begins on Monday, January 21.


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The AstroTwins
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The AstroTwins
The AstroTwins
Dubbed the “astrologers to the stars,” identical twin sisters Ophira...
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