Weekly Horoscope: Your Valentine's Day Forecast Is Here

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According to the AstroTwins, this week will be off to a rocky start—but the dust will settle by Valentine's Day.

On Wednesday, Mars and Uranus could send us into combat.

Send up the prayers for peace! We'll seriously need them under this week's hawkish skies. On Wednesday, February 13, warrior Mars and erratic Uranus align in fiery Aries, unleashing a battle cry…or a call to the revolution! This is the eighth and final time these two titans have held a summit in the Ram's realm since 2011—and they won't join up here again for another 80 years! While their combined powers have brought some world-changing shifts, these heavenly hotheads can be frighteningly combative. And in Aries, their aggressive approach to resolution has upheld Gandhi's assertion that "an eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind." All the same, you might want to ready the Time Out Chair on Wednesday. Fuses will be shorter than usual, impatience widely felt.

The upside of the Mars-Uranus conjunction? Electrifying change and progress could take off at warp speed. Community-spirited Uranus is the high-minded futurist of the solar system while Mars in Aries can bring that "power to the people" courage that's needed to fight for an important cause. Activist efforts will continue to spring up throughout the week—perhaps in response to some unsettling power plays.

On Thursday, Mars moves into Taurus and brings us all back down to solid ground.

The very next day, Thursday, Mars moves on from side-spinning Uranus' grip, zipping out of manic Aries for the first time since New Year's Eve. Can we get a global exhale, please? After this frenetic (but undeniably productive!) cycle, Mars hunkers down in pragmatic, comfort-loving Taurus. Between now and March 31, everyone's main job will be to sort through all the big ideas—and epic conflicts—that have been spun up since the ball dropped on 2019. Rather than replaying every detail of the fight or jockeying for the upper hand, the focus shifts to finding REAL solutions. True, this might not be the most exciting six weeks on the annual calendar. But don't underestimate the slow-burning power of Mars in Taurus! Like a cosmic contractor, this transit can help us drill down to the root of any issue, then force us to repair any foundational cracks that have been providing a false sense of security, at best.

All that retrofitting can wait until Friday...or next week! First, let St. Valentine lead the way. Thursday is his big day, and it promises to be a good one in 2019. For one thing, Mars in Taurus strikes a harmonious chord with his dance partner, Venus, who's been resting in compatible Capricorn since February 3. With both planets in traditional earth signs, this V-Day could tick all the classics in Cupid's playbook: fancy dinners, haute bonbons, rose petals scattered on the bed. But the heavenly heartthrobs are also playing for keeps—especially Venus in Capricorn, which is firing off long-range love arrows and insisting that we set some #LoveGoals. Empty gestures of romance might elicit a temporary high...or a laugh(!) under these serious stars. But with the moon in playful Gemini on Thursday, there's nothing wrong with enjoying a V-Day hookup. The trick lies in NOT confusing it for a happily-ever-after!

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The AstroTwins
The AstroTwins
Dubbed the “astrologers to the stars,” identical twin sisters Ophira and Tali Edut, known as the...
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The AstroTwins
The AstroTwins
Dubbed the “astrologers to the stars,” identical twin sisters Ophira...
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