Weekly Horoscope: Productivity & Focus Is About To Come Easy

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Today, Mars pivots out of retrograde and gives us all a break (and motivation to get s*** done).

Next stop: The Motivation Station! This Monday, August 27, the fire returns to our bellies—and perhaps a little farther south—as make-it-happen Mars pivots out of retrograde. Take a deep, relaxing breath. And maybe a few tantric ones, too. The lusty planet of action has been driving in reverse since June 26—first backing up through idealistic, team-spirited Aquarius and then retreating into ambitious Capricorn on August 12. For most people, this has NOT made for a serene summer. When the warrior planet is retrograde—which happens for approximately 10 weeks every other year—it can churn up some pretty intense feelings, ranging from irrational anger to sleep-disrupting anxiety. And yet, it can be hard to pinpoint the source of all that agitation. It certainly didn't help that Mars' moonwalk coincided with eclipse season AND a Mercury retrograde in 2018. If your nerves are a little frayed, your social relationships somewhat strained, your plans for world domination stalled, know that you are not alone.

The good news? Starting this Monday, the tide will turn in a positive direction. Until September 10, Mars will be powering forward through structured, success-oriented Capricorn, helping us get all our ambitious missions back on track. Mars is said to be "exalted" in Capricorn, its most powerful position in the zodiac. No more stalling; it's time to get $#!% done! While this two-week Mars sprint may be brief, it's a bonus blessing for 2018. The red planet already visited the Sea Goat's sanctum once this year—from March 17 until May 16—which means projects and plans that were initiated in that window will get a gale-force second wind!

Excitable and aggressive Mars can churn up rash behavior and conflict.

A word of advice: Don't get SO caught up in "doing, doing, doing" that you fail to clean up any messes that were created during Mars' backspin. Call a team (or family) meeting to clear the air and realign around shared goals. Pro tip: Bring a talking stick and set some ground rules, like no cross-conversations, and only the person with the stick is allowed to speak. Even in direct motion, excitable and aggressive Mars can churn up rash behavior and conflict. If you were particularly harsh with anyone, you may need to go on an apology tour, sitting down for one-on-ones and taking responsibility for losing your cool. If your summer love forecast was "light drizzles," get ready. The next two weeks could bring an erotic downpour!

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On Sunday, the quarter moon in Gemini pushes us to find the fun in the everyday.

Embrace the power of partnership this weekend—thanks to Sunday's quarter moon in Gemini; grabbing a second pair of hands, eyes, and ears can make everything easier and a lot more entertaining. No need to commit to any long-term alliances. Just dabble in being a dynamic duo for a day or two. If certain relationships have grown heavy or rife with obligation, lighten up the mood. Set off on a road trip for the long weekend, or even a one-day field trip or play date. These balancing moonbeams can help restore social equilibrium, especially if you're busy doing repair work post–Mars retrograde. Articulating feelings and coming up with clever compromises—that's Gemini's wheelhouse. The key? Making sure that everyone feels heard and respected, even if you don't necessarily agree about everything.

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The AstroTwins
The AstroTwins
Dubbed the “astrologers to the stars,” identical twin sisters Ophira and Tali Edut, known as the...
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The AstroTwins
The AstroTwins
Dubbed the “astrologers to the stars,” identical twin sisters Ophira...
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