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This Clean Skin Care Brand Launched A New Mineral Sunscreen & It Doesn't Leave A Foggy Cast

Jamie Schneider
mbg Associate Editor By Jamie Schneider
mbg Associate Editor
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Now that we're nearing summer, we'll start to see a lot of beauty brands trot out their newest SPF offerings. We tend to focus on the mineral options—zinc oxide and titanium dioxide—as they are considered to be the safest options available by most authorities. And while we're quick to sing the praises of zinc oxide and its benefits, there is one pervasive drawback of the ingredient worth mentioning: that dreaded white (sometimes purplish) cast. It makes most formulas quite difficult to blend on the skin or wear under makeup.

Does this sound like your main gripe with the ingredient? Consider this brand-new launch: Versed's Guards Up is a clean daily mineral SPF 35 featuring non-nano zinc oxide, moringa seed extract, and sea fennel extract (great for neutralizing free radicals caused by environmental stressors). But the cherry on top is perhaps the formula's lightweight, velvety finish—with no white film in its wake. 

A mineral sunscreen sans white cast: Here's how it works.

Once you squeeze the tube (which is made from 79% post-consumer recycled plastic, may we add), you'll see that the goop is tinged a warm peach color, which is actually what helps eliminate the white cast and allows the emollients to blend seamlessly on the skin. 

At this point many of you might be thinking, Uh my skin tone isn't a warm peach color? Don't worry, a tinted sunscreen or foundation this is not. It's not meant to match your skin tone; instead, the peachy hue simply makes it blend in easier and dry clearer than if it were an opaque white. "Once it is rubbed into the skin it disappears," Deven Hopp, head of brand and education for Versed, tells mbg. "Even that hue took time to perfect. We went through many, many samples and a lot of testing to get it just right." 

While sunscreen should already be part of your daily routine (even though you may be spending more time indoors), the onset of warmer weather may inspire you to upgrade your sun care arsenal. For now, you can find Versed's creamy formula on their website, with products rolling out in stores this coming July. Just apply a coin-size amount evenly on your face and neck and allow a few minutes for the sunscreen to sink in before moving on with makeup.

All this to say, this isn't your average mineral SPF formula—it may be just what we needed to make pilling a thing of the past. At the very least, this new launch sure gives zinc oxide an even brighter future.

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